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Our Company

Precision Plumbing Solutions, founded in 2020, is a company that specialises in hydraulic services within the New South Wales region.

The company’s primary focus revolves around offering a wide array of hydraulic services, encompassing hydraulic design, construction, and maintenance. Our company has dedicated itself to providing comprehensive solutions for various hydraulic needs. Whether it’s designing hydraulic systems, undertaking construction projects, or maintaining existing systems, Precision Plumbing Solutions is geared towards delivering professional and reliable services in the field of hydraulics.
Precision Plumbing Solutions has cultivated a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise by effectively executing a diverse range of projects. The company’s specialisation spans various sectors, including:
Residential Developments
Precision Plumbing Solutions is well-versed in catering to the hydraulic needs of residential developments. This can encompass the installation, maintenance, and repair of plumbing systems in houses, apartment complexes, and other residential structures.
Industrial Developments
The company’s expertise extends to industrial projects, involving hydraulic systems within industrial facilities. This could include managing plumbing systems for factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and other industrial settings.
Commercial Developments
Precision Plumbing Solutions has demonstrated proficiency in handling hydraulic aspects of commercial projects. This involves addressing the plumbing requirements of office buildings, shopping centers, and other commercial establishments.
Strata and Property Maintenance
The company is experienced in providing hydraulic maintenance services for strata properties and individual properties. This entails ongoing plumbing upkeep, repair work, and system checks for properties managed under strata agreements.
Retail Centre Remedial Works
Precision Plumbing Solutions is equipped to perform remedial plumbing work in retail centers. This could involve addressing plumbing issues, overhauling systems, and ensuring optimal plumbing functionality within retail environments.
Retail Maintenance
The company is skilled in delivering maintenance services tailored to retail spaces. This encompasses maintaining plumbing systems in stores, boutiques, and other retail outlets.
Education Facilities/Maintenance
Precision Plumbing Solutions is capable of handling the unique plumbing needs of educational institutions. This includes maintaining and managing plumbing systems in schools, colleges, universities, and other educational facilities.
Hospitality Facilities/Maintenance
The company’s expertise extends to the hospitality sector, encompassing the maintenance and management of plumbing systems in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and other hospitality establishments.

By successfully executing projects across these diverse sectors, Precision Plumbing Solutions has acquired a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience.

 This positions the company as a reliable and competent entity in providing hydraulic design, construction, and maintenance services tailored to the specific requirements of each sector.​

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Our Approach

Precision Plumbing Solutions has established its foundation on a core principle: placing clients at the forefront of its operations.

This client-centric approach is deeply ingrained in the company’s ethos and has been consistently demonstrated throughout its history of project execution. One of the hallmarks of the company’s reputation is its commitment to guiding clients through every stage of a project, from initial design to successful completion. This commitment to client satisfaction is reflected in several key ways:

Mission Statement

Precision Plumbing Solutions demonstrates a strong commitment to ensuring the safety of both its employees and customers while delivering efficient and reliable services.

This commitment is reflected in several key practices:
Overall, Precision Plumbing Solutions’ dedication to safety, both for its employees and its clients, exemplifies its commitment to providing services that are not only efficient and reliable but also prioritise the well-being of all stakeholders involved. This approach underscores the company’s professionalism and responsible business practices.

Why Choose PPS?

We are proud to emphasise that all of our employees are not only licensed but also highly qualified for the full range of services we offer. Our commitment to quality and competence drives us to ensure that every member of our team possesses the necessary certifications and qualifications required to excel in their respective roles.
At Precision Plumbing Solutions, we prioritize the well-being and peace of mind of our clients. As part of our comprehensive approach to professionalism and accountability, we carry insurance coverage that spans across various critical aspects. This coverage includes both ‘public/environment liability’ insurance and ‘workers compensation’ insurance.
At Precision Plumbing Solutions, our approach to pricing reflects our commitment to transparency, fairness, and providing our clients with a clear understanding of the costs associated with each project. We firmly believe in tailoring our pricing to the specific job at hand, and we do not rely on an hourly rate as the sole basis for pricing.